Spotlight : Tec Italy


TEC ITALY is a world-leading, innovative, dynamic, revolutionary amd exclusively professional hair care company that is truly dedicated to serving the needs of hair stylists globally.

We use unique and pure 100% natural and botanical ingredients derived from herbs, medicinal plants, leaves and fruits in all of our formulas. These elements are the foundation of all of our priducts and are based on the ancient art of herbal fusion from Mayan and Aztec cultures.

Our six worldwide patented formulas are just a few of the results derived from TEC ITALY's superior technology and innovative fusion of nature and science.

The Tec Italy's Designer Color line is "true to color." The results achieved during color application will always be vibrant.
Our color contains Silk proteins designed to deliver a deep shine, and smooth texture. The result is not only long lasting color, but complete grey coverage and none of the harmful effects associated with most color processes.

Foremost in our thoughts is the nutrition and health of the client's hair. Tec Italy's Professional Line is specially crafted using ingredients that strengthen hair's natural structure and scalp. Our professional products suuplement hair's natural vitality by providing nutritious supplements and botanical based conditioners. The innovation of hair nutrition is our reason for being.
D'Bella Salon carries Deep Cleansing Shampoo Profondo and Permanent Straightener Rilassatti in the Professional Line.

Color Care is passion for color. Our products utilize a unique fusion of Ancient Meso-American and Modern Italian technologies to create and preserve vibrant hair color. Our exclusive formulations using traditional ingredients achieve longer lasting, richer, and vibrant colored hair.
Tec Italy's ingredient fusions: TRICONE, TRICOERBA (an herbal fusion from the mayans and aztecs) and TRICOSIL, together with PC-TRISOL and TRICEL-R give our products an advantage that cannot be duplicated.

Therapy is the charm and quality of mother nature. The are specific solutions for your hair, helping it to acquire an ideal look.
Our Therapy line blends of American, Italian and Meso-American technologies into products formulated specifically to remedy specialized and recurrent hair problems.

Our newest product line features a concentrated blend of botanical and protein extracts that optimizes hair nutrition.
Reconstruct enables our clients to maintain a healthy hair regimen by deeply penetrating the cuticle and medulla to revitalize damaged hair. These is no better way to protect, repair, and strengthen your hair.

SILK SYSTEM SHINE is a silk protein line designed to restore shine and deeply condition hair, achieving instant results!
This innovative hydration and protein treatment helps to seal your cuticle, repair split ends, and to prevent hair breakage often associated with dry hair.

Style is about creating art and trends. Style is bringing to life the most awesome fantasies. Style is modern styling technology. Our innovative styling products represent a unique fusion of time honore Meso-American hair practices and modern styling technology designed to protect your hair's natural luster, and enhance each hair strand's smooth texture and silkiness. Utilizing the finest ingredients our styling products give clients nothing less than absolute perfection.

Final Touch is a genius tool, a dream builder, an energy boost. Final Touch products represent a unique fusion of American, Italian and Meso-American hair practices and technologies.
Final Touch is the perfect tool for the client who wants a unique signature to their artistic look.